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"Another heart-rending tale of love, loss, and redemption from a master of moral fiction."  -- Booklist 
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"Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called 'mad' and shut up in rooms where they stare at walls all day. Others are called 'Writers' and do pretty much the same thing."  --Ray Bradbury

Dear Mr. Pratt:  Wow!!! I have read both The Last Valentine and Paradise Bay in one day each.  I cried, I laughed, and I prayed…I have recommended them to many people for encouragement. Thank you for your wonderful books!   --Linda Peraldo

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“Hi Mr. Pratt! I just wanted to tell you, I just finished reading Ticket Home with tears in my eyes. It was wonderful! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for your next novel. God bless you!" — Joey Bravo

I have read a few hundred books over the years, including the Pulitzer Prize Winning "Lonesome Dove". In my mind, TICKET HOME should win a Pulitzer as well. Now it's time to pass this book along to others that I know will love it as well. Thanks Again!   --Michael Riley

The Lost Valentine Hallmark renamed cove

A New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller in 1998, Hallmark Hall of Fame and CBS Movies of the Week premiered Pratt's story to 14.5 million on its world debut in 2011.


Now viewed by millions more, this beloved tale -- with flashbacks to World War Two -- was renamed for the film title: THE LOST VALENTINE.  Called a "Return ticket to Bridges of Madison County" by Publisher's Weekly, the author's mother inspired the story.

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A USA TODAY and National Bestseller, The Lighthouse Keeper was first released in 2,000 in hardcover, then paperback and audiobook. Still being read today, it tells the story of two Irish American lighthouse keepers as they experience loss and love over a 90-year history. Now in the present day, the surviving daughter learns the secrets of reclaiming hope after devastating losses; showing us the values found in living with purpose and love become the light that saves in the end. 

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A National Bestseller with attached screenplay, Ticket Home, is an epic 80-year journey through a world at war, to peace, then final redemption and forgiveness as twin brothers Norman and Lucian Parker – in love with the same girl Mary Jane – fight to keep promises and a family legacy alive.  Now in the present day, one final promise must be kept by the war's surviving brother to the other at his gravesite.  But which brother is it?  

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Bestselling Paradise Bay (2003) became one of Pratt’s favorite stories to tell. Originally titled "The Piano Man," it includes anecdotal elements in time and geography to places known in his youth.  A story of immense tragedy and reconciliation with Vietnam era losses, a severely wounded Marine awakens from a 30-year coma to find a son, redemption, and a better way to live through transformative music; and yes--a love thought lost finds a way to strike twice.

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First published in hardcover, The Good Heart (2004) is a political and medical thriller set in the Washington DC atmosphere of lying, deceit, and betrayal.


One good heart transplanted two times makes all the difference in men who received it, and it may affect the outcome of a critical Presidential election. Now being edited for release in paperback and eBook.

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Dear Mr. Pratt -- I first wrote to you when I was a 12-year-old in middle school to tell you how much THE LAST VALENTINE had affected my way of thinking about love and life. I'm now at Boston College and graduating next year. I see that The Last Valentine will finally be made into a movie. I just wanted to write and congratulate you. I cannot wait for the movie to air!  --Grace Huang

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DAD, The Man Who Lied to Save the Planet (2003) became a regional hardcover bestseller.  12 timeless lessons based on the author’s memories of growing up in Southern California during simpler times and the common-sense truths taught by an ordinary Dad who raised 9 children during the post-World War Two decades.  Father really does know best in Pratt's book of enduring values meant for our day.

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MOM, The Woman Who Made Oatmeal Stick to My Ribs offers 12 humorous and poignant lessons learned by the author from his Mom from the 1950s through her passing in 2008.  If faith, good behavior, treating others like you’d like to be treated, and caring with common-sense traditions mean anything today, the values always started with a bowl of oatmeal, but never really end.  Join the Once Upon a Time Book Club and get this timeless ebook for FREE!

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Never before promoted in stores or libraries, this 2021 version of a  Christmas and Easter tale was created for perennial holiday reading. Two men separated by 2000 years in time help redeem each other by means only the supernatural and talents can achieve. One is a vilified Bethlehem Innkeeper, the other a famous present-day TV and radio show host; both desperate to declare to the world a witness of their adventure in what becomes known as The Christ Report

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NEW WORKS 2021-2024

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ROSES HAVE THORNS -- Long-awaited sequel to the original bestselling The Last Valentine to be delivered in Episodes, 1 chapter at a time in 2021-2022! Now you'll have how it all began with a Japanese Captain's World War Two backstory and his gentle love for his wife, as well as  Neil Thomas Jr and Susan Allison's full love story. 

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THE BROKEN ROAD– Audiences will want to revisit the Love, Wyoming ranch year after year. In the working title: "In a Wonderland Called Love," a present-day supernatural Christmas takes three lonely people with a longing for love and “peace on earth” to a Yuletide miracle.  A broken-hearted soldier, a single woman with a sprawling ranch to manage, and an aged cowhand on his deathbed are offered hope, healing, and second chances they long for.  eBook and Special Collector’s Edition, Christmas 2021.

"As a big Nicholas Sparks fan, I posted a message on a board asking for author suggestions of similar stories. Your name was the response I received. I just finished The Lighthouse Keeper a few moments ago!  I am still tearing up at what a great story that was. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment added to my life. I look forward to reading your other three books." — Jennifer Goldstein​


As a Man Thinketh…In His Heart is a personal growth and motivational category novel. Featuring the author as the main character and his discoveries in the ghost-like seaside village of Ilfracombe, England –  where real author, James Allen (1904) wrote his mega-bestseller “As a Man Thinketh.”  Never before promoted in stores or libraries, this ethereal tale of a visit to another time and place is Pratt's tribute to a man and book that helped change his life at age 19.  Fall 2021 Special Collector's Edition.  

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In this 15-year writing journey for the author we find WHEN THE LAST LEAF FALLS becomes the magic we all long for. When broken-hearted father and son from the Shenandoah Valley—both veterans and widowers—travel to the WWII battlefields of France, secrets are finally revealed while healing, romance, and second chances step in to complete their lives and those of two French women; mother and daughter.  eBook and Special Collector’s Hardcover Edition release 2022.

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The Face of Christ – Conceptualized for novel and film, this work in progress tells the tale of a Union soldier and war artist, his dramatic Civil War story, and the search for a face that came to rescue him on a battlefield of 1862. It ends in mystery art found in present day.  If art imitates real life, in the end we become who we imitate.  Based in part on a true story from the Battle of Fredricksburg, VA and the "Angel of St. Marye's Heights." Scheduled for 2023 release.

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20 years ago, the author's brother Rex Pratt pitched an idea about an artist who lost his way, set in New York City and Italy. The Well at Santa Felicita is a heartwarming, sometimes humorous novel of losing one’s life in order to find it. Near Florence, Italy there is a village and a wishing well, with a 500-year-old secret; a place where dreams can begin. A young artist from America finds love in this modern romance in an inspiring delivery.  In progress, scheduled for 2023.

More Works in Progress 2021 – 2025


"There is no Left or Right, Only Right and Wrong" -- James Michael Pratt



Commentaries on timeless mega-million 1904 bestseller with entire original book by James Allen included!



A love story spanning five decades inspired by and reminiscent of The Lightouse Keeper.



Are lives scripted? Who will edit your life and mine? A journey beyond mortality to find out.



A Monthly Devotional Book Series filled with inspiration, hope and wisdom of the ages.

Episodic for Book and Television

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Coming 2022 -- Season 1 of THE YEAR BOOKS – An episodic thriller series based upon current history beginning with the main protagonist’s government and life story from the 1990's forward. One book chapter per month is offered online for “free” followed by the episodic series.


Espionage, globalist intrigue, and no time to waste with enemies of the country infiltrated among top agencies. Joshua Stone upholds the oath he took, and runs for his life; fighting all enemies of the Constitution, “foreign and domestic.”    


In progress.

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