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My heartfelt thanks to all the readers, both quoted here and the many thousands more in email and physical letters I treasure in safekeeping. As a writer on the themes of hope, love, and faith, I feel honored beyond words for the response to my work for more than 25 years... more honored than the readers quoted here can ever know!  - James Michael Pratt  2022

The Romance and War Stories

I have read a few hundred books over the years, including the Pulitzer Prize Winning "Lonesome Dove". In my mind, Ticket Home should win a Pulitzer as well. Now it's time to pass this book along to others who will love it as well. Thanks Again!  -Michael Riley

Dear Mr. Pratt - I first wrote to you when I was a 12-year-old in middle school to tell you how much The Last Valentine had affected my way of thinking about love and life.  I'm now at Boston College and will be graduating next year. I see that The Last Valentine will finally be made into a movie. I just wanted to write and congratulate you. I cannot wait for the movie to air!  -Grace Huang


As a big Nicholas Sparks fan, I posted a message on a board asking for author suggestions of similar stories. Your name was the response I received. I just finished The Lighthouse Keeper a few moments ago! I am still tearing up at what a great story that was. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment added to my life.  I look forward to reading your other three books.  -Jennifer Goldstein


Dear Mr. Pratt-- We have the habit of finding good authors and reading everything they write. You have joined a special club at our house with your three novels. Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, and John Grisham are three of the modern-day writers in this category. My wife hopes you are working on book #4 and that it is not too long in coming. Keep up the good work!   -Gerald Bolen, Oklahoma

Just wanted you to know that I gave an oral review of The Last Valentine just the other day and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room by the time I finished. You sure do have a way of telling a love story. Thanks for just writing as you do. Don’t change!   -Georgina Tacconi 

Dear Mr. Pratt -- I just finished reading Ticket Home.  You are one of my favorite authors, some of the others being John Grisham, Richard Paul Evans, and Nicholas Sparks.  Thank you for your wonderful books.   -Robert Paddock 

Hi Mr. Pratt - I just wanted to tell you, that I just finished reading Ticket Home with tears in my eyes. It was wonderful! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for your next novel. God bless you!   -Joey Bravo 

Dear Mr. Pratt, the waiting list at the last count for Ticket Home is 182! Being such a small library and Utica such an old town we have a lot of elderly people that use the library. They are always looking for a nice clean book to read. So, I start them off with The Last Valentine, and they always come back and ask for more of your books so I give them The Lighthouse Keeper.  Now they are waiting for Ticket Home! I just started reading Ticket Home again!! My son wants to read it after me so we can discuss it!  -Debby Whittet

Mr. Pratt – I have just finished reading Paradise Bay. I am stunned and amazed at the plot and joyous and teary-eyed at the ending. NO story has ever moved me such as this one. I am an avid reader, averaging six books a week…and YOU Mr. Pratt has topped all I’ve read in eighty years!  I am looking forward to finding more of your books in my Bookclub. Most sincerely, Rose A. Cragen

Just finished Ticket Home.  Beautiful, moving, sensitive, human, moral! Out tomorrow to purchase The Last Valentine and The Lighthouse Keeper. Don’t stop now! We need more writers like yourself.  God bless and ‘Keep the faith.’  –Gloria Smith

Mr. Pratt, I am an avid reader who lauds outstanding writers – especially you, Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, Francine Rivers, and Jan Karon – to my small circle of friends, but I have been remiss in letting the authors know. 

This is my first letter in an attempt to correct that.  I do consider you a blessing to readers and humanity as you personify ‘love, kindness, and the gentle nature of true manhood.’ While too many authors glorify men of low principles, the men in your books are a tribute to fine men and a rare example to those who are unaware of these qualities… You made an emotional impact on the horror of battle while sparing your readers many gory details.

I hope that you will be able to inspire us with many more books. However, if you stop with the three already published, you made a great contribution to mankind.  -Betty Boynton

Mr. Pratt – I am a 50-year-old male and Viet Nam Veteran. I just read and enjoyed your book Paradise Bay.  The facts of history of that era seemed correct. Very nice story and was glad to see everybody win. Thanks for the excellent escape from the Atlanta, Ga traffic to a sweet story in Paradise Bay, CA.   -Carl S. Jackson

I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your book Ticket Home. And on completion did feel entertained, inspired, and informed. I am now about to begin The Last Valentine. My top three choices for authors are Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans, and yourself! I am impatiently waiting for more reading material. The three of you leave a special feeling in my heart and food for thought. Thank you!  -Cathy Andersen

Greetings Mr. Pratt:  Last week I visited my favorite book shop. It has a selection of fine literary fiction. My goal has always been to discover a good writer who also is a gifted storyteller.  I found Ticket Home and fulfilled that wish. I finished it last night in the wee hours with the fireplace glowing, classical music playing on the radio, and my kitten asleep on my lap. Life just doesn't get any better except it was hard to stay awake in my clinic today. Thank you for a wonderful novel and a great read!" -Dr. John McCord

I just finished "Paradise Bay."  WHAT A BOOK!!  I don't get to read a lot, but I could hardly lay this one down.  I laughed, cried, and even praised the Lord.  What a wonderful love story.  It seemed so real.  You just get lost in this story!  Thank you. This is the first one of your books I have read, but trust me I will get through all of them. In fact, I can hardly wait to pick another one up. God bless you!   -Geneva Jadrnak

Dear Jim – I just spent the weekend reading your most recent book, Paradise Bay. I was blown away! I don’t often allow my emotions to run away with me, but as I read your book, I often had to stop because my tears prevented me from seeing the words.  As an author, I congratulate you on this masterful work. I know what it takes to write something that truly communicates to the soul of the reader, and what you have done is a miracle… Thank you so much for this wonderful gift to us all.  Your brother and friend, Mark Kastleman

Mr. Pratt – I am a journalist writing news/sports/features for a small daily newspaper in Arizona. Just got through reading Ticket Home. An outstanding piece of work. It took me all of two days to finish. It was hard to put down.  I’ll be purchasing your first two books shortly.  I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks’ work and found through something written that you were compared to books written by him. His latest, The Rescue got a little sappy at times but was good nevertheless. However, Ticket Home is in a league of its own. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.  Sincerely – Marty Shevelove

Dear Mr. Pratt – Ticket Home was a wonderful story and very well written. It was inspiring to read a love story that was subtle and tasteful.   -Jeanne M. Stevenson

Dear Mr. Pratt -- It is now midnight, the witching hour, and I just finished reading The Last Valentine for the 6th time!  Yes, I cried my eyes out again-- at the most beautiful love story, I have ever read! Everyone from 16 years old and up should read this story!  -Helen Mulholland
Dear Mr. Pratt – I had read everything you wrote but Paradise Bay. I just finished and it made me want to say “Pratt is one of the greatest fiction writers.” You write words that melt my heart. Tears come to my eyes and I feel deeply in love with the words of the book. Please keep writing!  -Mary T. Hull

Dear Mr. Pratt – Paradise Bay was a most pleasant find in our library cart! This novel is one of the best I’ve read in some time. I’m a WWII Veteran and an avid reader. Searching for more Pratt books I found The Lighthouse Keeper and found it a delight. Now I’m on the prowl for Ticket Home – my era. Just plain THANK YOU for your writing.   -George Paradis

“The Last Valentine” had everything you could ever wish a book to include. Happiness, moving emotions that I myself can relate to, it made me cry, and it has HOPE!!! That is something the world needs a lot more of.”    -Gina M. DePasquale

Dear Mr. Pratt:  Wow!!! I have read both The Last Valentine and Paradise Bay in one day each.  I cried, I laughed, and I prayed…I have recommended them to many people for encouragement. Thank you for your wonderful books!  -Linda Peraldo

Dear Mr. Pratt, This is basically a thank you note.  I love to read but lately, I haven't found any heart in any books until a friend sent me "Paradise Bay." Now, that's a story with warmth, heart, and love. I'm going to find "Ticket Home" and "The Lighthouse Keeper." Thanks, and keep writing!  -Carol Wilk

I have just finished your truly wonderful book, “Ticket Home.”  It is hard to believe that you were not there with us in that horrible War, your verbal picture is nearly perfect. I am 80 years old and the memories were beginning to fade. However, the book allows me to live it all again as if it were only yesterday.     -Kay Penrod

Hello Mr. Pratt—I have just finished reading Ticket Home. It was one of the best books I have ever read. I can relate to this story as I was in the Philippines during the war. I got there after the fall of Bataan as a replacement in the 32nd Infantry Division. You are now on my “MUST READ” author’s list.  Sincerely – Duane from Michigan

"I just felt compelled to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoyed your books. In the past month, I completed The Lighthouse Keeper and The Last Valentine. Loved both books so much that I found myself at Borders Books purchasing Ticket Home on the way home the very same day I finished The Last Valentine. Funny thing is, I never had any interest in the WWII era, but these books just drew me in and didn't let go! Working on a new book? I can assure you I will be at the bookstore on the very same day it is released!  -Wendy Pyle

Dear Mr. Pratt, I just finished reading Paradise Bay.  I have never been so moved.  I cried my eyes out the last three chapters.  You are the newest author on my "must-read" list of books.  I can't wait to read your other books.  Please keep writing these wonderful books.  GOD BLESS YOU and your wonderful work!  -Jenny Figueron

To Mr. Pratt – Just a note to say how much I enjoyed Paradise Bay. A book written from the heart! So refreshing in this day and age. I was up until 1:00 am reading it.  Now I am going to try to obtain copies of your other books. I would like very much to join your book club.  Thank You! – God Bless!   -Jane E. Glodek

Dear James-- "I just finished reading The Last Valentine for the 4th time and I love it! I am homebound and since Oct. 1990 I have read 1,215 books. It is just a great, great work and #1 on my list of 1,215 read since October of '90. Is there someone I could write to so The Last Valentine could be made into a movie?" God bless you!  -Vera Bradley

Dear Mr. Pratt – I have never read your work before Paradise Bay and your novel is superb! I truly could not put it down. The last chapter was a tear-jerker and you had me fooled with the ending.  In today’s society where garbage makes the Bestseller’s list, it is refreshing to read a good book written with integrity. Please let me know when your next book becomes published. I will now backtrack and read your previous novels. A new fan!  -Diane Schaffer

Dear Mr. Pratt -- I have never written to an author before but just had to. I just recently finished reading your three books, The Lighthouse Keeper, The Last Valentine, and Ticket Home. I so enjoyed your books!  I am thrilled to hear of your new book, Paradise Bay. It is not easy to find uplifting and faith-based stories. I just want to encourage you to keep great work going.  God bless, Kandy Litwiller

“I just finished reading The Lighthouse Keeper.  It was great just like The Last Valentine.  Definitely, Hallmark Hall of Fame movie material.  I appreciate a story, with real characters and an actual plot. The imagery of the light and Christ was wonderful.” -Lori Lewis

"I just recently (Jan. 3, 2002) picked up a copy of The Last Valentine...awesome book! So, I immediately called the library to get your others. Thank you for being such a great author and leaving the reader with a sense of God and belief in the hereafter and seeing our loved ones.  Are you writing any other books? I feel like, ONLY 3? Now, what am I going to read? I just wanted to let you know how I felt about your books and that you've got a new fan." Sincerely, Amedee Tieman

"I enjoyed reading your first two books. I'm excited about reading your third and can't wait for your fourth.  I did get the opportunity to meet you at Books-A-Million in Nashville and loved my 'signed' copy of The Lighthouse Keeper. Thanks a Million!  (You need more advertising and publicity!)  Teresa Minert

Dear Mr. Pratt -- "I just finished reading the third of your great novels--The Lighthouse Keeper--after having read Ticket Home and The Last Valentine. In view of the world situation today I have found your themes of patriotism, honor, valor, and LOVE to be most appropriate. I will continue to encourage my friends to read the trilogy of Mr. James Pratt, and look forward to the 4th in the series soon!" With kindest regards, Helen R. Norlan
Dear Mr. Pratt -- I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed The Last Valentine. It was recommended to me by a clerk at Walden Books. She had just come off break with tears in her eyes.  I asked her what was wrong. She told me if I never read another book, I had to read this one. Boy was she right! I started reading and didn't put it down until I finished it with half a box of Kleenex! Thank you so much!  -Marie T. Indianapolis

Dear James – Just finished Paradise Bay! Best one yet… Loved it!  -Charlotte Mahar

“I just got through reading The Lighthouse Keeper and I was so touched by it that I am going out tonight and buying the books that you have written. I thought you’d like to know this is coming from the other side of the world, Guam…. Keep writing!”  -Fe Mendiola

Dear Mr. Pratt -- Well, I've been reading for over 35 years (ever since a little girl) and I have never been compelled to write to an author before now. I just finished your book entitled, The Lighthouse Keeper and just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it.  It was so full of hope and life.  Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful book. I will definitely pass it along. We all have tragedies in our life, but if we maintain steadfastness in His love, there is always hope.  Thanks again!  -Kay Jensen

“I bought The Last Valentine and read it in one sitting. Thank you for writing books with so much meaning and emotion in them. After reading your books I think about the characters and their lives for days afterward. The Lighthouse Keeper made me want to go stand on the shores of the Atlantic and look out to sea. Please write another book! -Maureen Bankes

“Just sending you my highest praise to the “best author” I’ve read this year and for as far back as I can remember.  I’m a retiree in Florida for 21 years and enjoy reading as my #1 pastime. God bless you, James Michael Pratt, for pulling off the “Best Writer of the Year Award” from me. And please put out more in the near future, or I shall be sad and will be spending some time praying for more inspiration to come through from you to me and others in the same boat.” Sincerely—Dorothy Baseheart, Port Richey, Fl.

Mr. Pratt – Hello. My name is Samantha Silva. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You are my favorite author. I am right now awaiting your next book Paradise Bay. I think you are a very inspirational writer and you make people like me take a realistic look at life. I am truly grateful that we have you to inspire and make people feel good about themselves when reading your novels. As a young poetry writer, I thank you for being my inspiration and I hope you will continue to write more meaningful novels. -Samantha Silva

I have recently read The Lighthouse Keeper for the second time. I loved it and am eagerly awaiting Ticket Home in January [2001]. I have read The Last Valentine now three times in two different copies, the hardcover, and the mass market paperback. I completely enjoy reading all of your books!   -Diana Law  

I just finished reading Ticket Home. WOW! I had tears streaming down my face. What a moving story. It was very hard to put down. Keep on writing. I am one of your biggest fans."  -Nancy Millsap

Mr. Pratt; I just finished the final page of Ticket Home. What a work of art! I could not put it down for anything. I have read The Last Valentine as well and was once again mesmerized. You capture a beautiful love like no other author! God has surely given you a gift. No wonder your books are on the 'Bestsellers lists.' God bless you, Mr. Pratt. -Karla Hobbs

Dear Jim – I just finished reading Paradise Bay and it was great. It was such a beautiful story of love and several times brought tears to my eyes.  This book would make a terrific movie. Is there any chance of that?  -Bill Bilger

Dear Mr. Pratt -- "I am not a reader of books. I went to purchase the new John Grisham book for my husband as a gift and The Lighthouse Keeper caught my eye. I bought it. I read it in 4 days. A big thing for me to even finish a book.  I then went out and purchased The Last Valentine. This one I read in 24 hours’ time! This is very different for me. I am now anticipating Ticket Home as soon as it comes out in paperback. Thank you again and please keep writing.  -Pam Milioto

I just finished The Lighthouse Keeper. A wonderful story. The cover drew my attention away from Clancy, Koontz, K. Mills, Cobb, P. Robinson military, espionage-action-adventure novels I usually read.  Being a former lighthouse technician, and instructor of automated lighthouse maintenance for the Coast Guard, I have a special fondness for lighthouses. I was surprised to find so much 'action' in the story. You did an outstanding job of capturing my interest from cover to cover. I will definitely recommend this book to friends and family. (I can't wait to watch my wife cry through the last chapters.) Keep up the good work."

-Brian Kelley USCG Retired.

Dear James Michael Pratt -- "I am writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed your books. I bought The Last Valentine and read it in one sitting!  I did not know that you had written another book until this weekend when I was browsing at the library and found The Lighthouse Keeper.  After reading your books I think about the characters and their lives for days afterward. The Lighthouse Keeper made me want to go stand on the shores of the Atlantic and look out to sea. Please write another book!" -Maureen Bankes

Hi! where have I been??? Just found out about your books, and just finished The Lighthouse Keeper and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I just wanted you to know that I appreciate a book that is a joy to racy scenes, no bad language, but a wonderful story, and also a wonderful statement of your obvious Christian ideals. THANK YOU. Am looking forward to reading your other stories. A fan, Joan Woods

Dear Mr. Pratt-- "I just finished reading Ticket Home.  This is the first book I have read by you, but it won't be my last! I stayed up until 4 am to finish the book. I have to admit, at the end of the book and at times during the story I was in tears. I can't explain why this book has touched my heart, but it has. My daughter is 11 but when she is older, I'll be sure that this book is on her shelf.  Thank you for an evening very well spent. -Mary Romero

Dear Sir – I just recently purchased a copy of your novel, Ticket Home.  I am impressed unbelievably with your ability to tell a story and make it believable with heartfelt emotion and moral anchors. I know without a doubt I want to go back and pick up your other novels. I almost want to apologize for overlooking you somehow. There are just a few authors who captivate me and you now belong to that list. Thank you! –Kenneth Jones

"I just wanted you to know how very much I have enjoyed your three books and am looking forward, with a great deal of anticipation, to reading your next one." -Dolores H. Bowling

"I am writing to let you know that the Altoona Library book discussion group in Altoona Pennsylvania will be reviewing and discussing your book, The Lighthouse Keeper, on Feb. 13, 2001. It was an emotional and inspirational book, one I found hard to put down.  Peter O'Banyon is an example all of us should follow, to be keepers of the light" -Thelma Kennedy

"On January 2nd I went to the library to find a book to read so that I could start my New Years' resolution to read at least one "non-fiction" book a month. As I browsed, I couldn't seem to find anything. Then in the fiction section, I saw The Lighthouse Keeper. It was like it jumped out at me! I just finished this book today and wanted to write and let you know it was Heaven sent. I have been going through some difficult trials in my life. The Lighthouse Keeper is truly an inspirational book. Thank you! It is just what I needed."  -Annette S.

“What a great joy to find a great story [Ticket Home] whose only lack is foul language and uncensored sex! I do have an imagination, and many authors seem to think the reading public lacks one!”   -Sandra Rush

Dear Mr. Pratt – I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your book Ticket Home. I have been SO discouraged with books in the past few years that I no longer just go out and buy them for my home library because of my disappointment in the language/sexual content. I checked your book out from the library and for the first time, I wish I had purchased it instead (which I will do!).  Thank you for writing with people in mind who enjoy romance, history, and yes, a good clean book!  -Charmaine Peck

“I just finished reading your novel, The Lighthouse Keeper. I had previously read The Last Valentine, and I thought your novels couldn’t get any better. I was wrong. This new novel had me crying through every chapter. It is a very powerful and moving book. I look forward to reading your next novel. Please write another one soon! -Carol Ann Friedrich

Mr. Pratt – I loved Paradise Bay! What a wonderful book! I have never read anything of yours before, but I will in the future. I belong to the Christian Bookclub, Crossings because so many good authors think they have to add sleaze and filth to make a book sell. Too bad, isn’t it? Your books are proof that people want good books. Thanks so much for your moral integrity. Sincerely, Becky Sandusky

“The attention to detail in your writing (The Lighthouse Keeper) made me feel like I was on Port Hope watching the story unfold.  Little did I know when I began, that I would be so compelled to feel so deeply about your characters.  The very deep and romantic love shown between them gave me a warm and secure feeling.”    -Roxanne Ingraffia

“I have just finished reading Ticket Home and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the book. This one should be made into a movie! I also read The Last Valentine and enjoyed it too! Thank you for writing such inspirational books. –Paula Kneisley

"How lucky I was in my last few days here on the North Coast of Lake Erie...I found your beautiful book [The Lighthouse Keeper] at the local library. I started the book just yesterday and just completed it in the view of Huron River Lighthouse. Thank you for a wonderful enjoyed and appreciated by a Scotsman who loves Ireland, loves the sea, humanity, and GOOD BOOKS!" -Jay Poulson

“I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your books! A couple of weeks ago I came across The Last Valentine.  It is a wonderful book with such great messages about love and faith. It inspired me and touched my heart. I am now reading The Lighthouse Keeper and looking forward to starting Ticket Home. Thank you so much for such wonderful novels. Please keep it up!!!!!” -Megan Knickelbein

“I just finished your third novel. Now and then a reader picks up a book where the reader doesn’t have to suffer through pages of foul language. Yours is a book that can be recommended to both young and old. You have a way with words, beautiful, nostalgic, and oh, so sad…All three of your novels will stay in a reader’s mind long after reading them. I am anxiously waiting for your next novel.”  -Marjorie Fletcher-Quirion

“Thank you for bringing into my unhappy life many reading hours of escapism into love, romance, and the tragedies of war.  I truly hope to see “The Last Valentine” on the big screen one day…There is so much hate and despair every day, wouldn’t it be nice to sink oneself into a movie titled, “The Last Valentine” for two hours.”    -P. Glass

“Your sense of family, love, and devotion are refreshing in a time when everything has become rushed and unfeeling.”     --Jennie Brown

Dear Mr. Pratt – Your novel The Lighthouse Keeper touched me way deep in my soul.  God has blessed you with a wonderful talent and has blessed your readers by allowing us to enjoy that talent.  May you have many more years to share many more stories with us. Thank you for your wonderful characters who teach us love, faith, and fellowship. A new fan – Pixie Koon

“Because we encourage our students to read for recreation, my husband and I give our accounting students lists of authors who challenge their thinking and creativity. Your name is prominently displayed on that list.  My husband and I are avid readers and have read many of your books. We recently enjoyed The Last Valentine and The Lighthouse Keeper. What great stories!”     --Dr. Katherene P. Terrell (U of Central Oklahoma)

I have just completed reading THE LAST VALENTINE. What a heartwarming novel! I have read a lot of books in my thirty years, but by far, this one has moved me the MOST. I actually traveled back in time and became an "on-looker" to the event as it transpired!  I have a new outlook on life and the beauty of what "real" love is all about. --Sincerely, Michelle Radich

Dear Mr. Pratt: I just wanted to thank you for writing The Last Valentine. I am a senior at Florida State and seldom have time to read outside of class material, but once I picked up your book, I couldn't put it down! I spent the day at the beach and read it from cover to cover! Your insight into the trials of love and life really made me think and actually helped me deal with some frustrations I have been having.  are you planning on writing other works in the future? If so, I would be very interested in hearing about them!  Thank you again for your work! You certainly have a way with words! Sincerely, Stacy Edwards


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