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"I just finished reading The Last Valentine for the 4th time and I love it! I am homebound and I have read 1,215 books since Oct. 1990. It is just great, great work, and #1 on my list!  God bless!"   —Vera Bradley 

A Love Story and The Bestsellers




UNTIL NOW... I had no control over the availability of the titles you have loved, sought to purchase or let others know where they could find.  Now I can bring beloved novels affordably to the world. 

After 25 years I finally own the rights to ALL 12 of my authored works; but most especially to my original bestselling title made famous by HALLMARK HALL OF FAME, The Lost Valentine!


The Original title was The Last Valentine, first self-published in 1997, then picked up and published in hardcover and soft, along with audio, book club, large print, and foreign language copies by St. Martin’s Press of New York City in 1998.

The 25 Year Anniversary begins FEBRUARY 14, 2023, with a $.99 cent ebook offer for the classic:

The Last Valentine!  Found only through my BookClub.  Please read on...

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When THE LAST VALENTINE was inspired by the re-telling of my mother's waiting for my father to return from war in 1944. It first premiered 13 years after its initial debut, as a Hallmark Hall of Fame World Movie Event through the CBS Movie of the Week on January 31, 2011, I never realized that it would be playing two decades later, and receiving the same fan reaction it did when it was first published in 1998 and then aired.

Perhaps what makes it so special is that we feel a longing for a romantic generation's experiences; one who showed us how to love. Separated by a 4 year-long World War, they revealed their youth to us; those who lived 1941 through 1945 years in uniform and those home waiting. In that youth, we saw their hopes, dreams, and eagerness to come back home to what mattered most. We feel an attachment to them because those emotions are the most basic and human and worth living for; even dying for as far too many did. 

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Most of that generation is gone.  But, in their youth, we sense something about our own desires; a certain something else the world seems to have lost; enduring passion for one other person, and innocence we can’t quite put our fingers on. 

Does the feeling for another ever grow old? Can memories be erased? Can the beating of hearts in youth grow fonder over time? And what does their sacrifice in this story, along with the meaning of a rose, and the Valentine's remembrance bring to each of us?  I think the story brings sacred feelings, and there is only one word ever invented for those: Love.

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As mentioned above, The Last Valentine was inspired by the story of my mother waiting for my father to come home after he had been away for two- and one-half years overseas in conflict against Hitler-controlled Nazi Germany and Mussolini-fascist-run Italy.

She waited at the Los Angeles, California Union Station train terminal for three days after receiving a telegram that my father had just hit the east coast after spending 1942-1944 with the First Armored Division in such places as Kasserine Pass and other battlefields of North Africa. Then four months of hell in battle-torn Anzio before the final breakout to Rome Italy. 

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Trains were the main transportation for troops within our country. Airports were not invented for mass travel yet. Rail lines meant train stations, like Union Train Station where The Lost Valentine adventure, in both the book and Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, begins and the final conclusion to the story wraps.

For the fans of The Last Valentine (now The Lost Valentine), I have created a special document found in the Once Upon a Time Bookclub which will be delivered by Podcast beginning with our Grand Opening on February 14, 2023

World War and Present Day:  All my novels and protagonists move between the past and present day. Duel romances blossom as lessons are learned through ancestors from a prior generation. In the special document and podcast I will detail some true personal experiences and influences that helped create the settings, the characters, and war history of not only The Last Valentine (1998) but also The Lighthouse Keeper (1999) Ticket Home (2,000) and my final World War Two romance story, When the Last Leaf Falls (2023).

Begins February 14, 2023 

All 12 James Michael Pratt Books!  
I'm excited to share my published works directly with you. Here's why:  

When major publishers purchase an author's "rights" to titles, they also control when and how they will publish his work. 

Please don't misunderstand. Publishers offer their teams, skills, and distribution networks to the author. An agreement to produce and distribute a manuscript in all forms costs the publisher and a fair contract is agreed to between author and publisher. However, the author and the fans are at the mercy of their management for book availability, length of publishing, and retail cost.

A novel often takes more than one year to launch after a contract is made. Then, depending on unpredictable factors, stores may discontinue selling the title in as little as four weeks to make room for new arrivals. Author careers and reader awareness thus may become a blink of an eye situation. 

I feel fortunate. The Last Valentine original 1998 novel, renamed for the Hallmark Hall of Fame World Premier The Lost Valentine, is still being read 25 years later. Most of these are used and hard-to-find copies.

That creates an opportunity to make the original new again for an audience eager to know the full love story from cover to cover with all the original characters, settings, and plot details a movie cannot include. 

Here's where it becomes fun!

Recently completing the reversion of all book rights from two major publishers to my total control, I am able to announce bringing beloved titles such as The Lost Valentine, The Lighthouse Keeper, Ticket Home, Paradise Bay, and others back to the land of the living in a variety of formats including: 

Special Limited Edition Hardcovers
Print on Demand Paperbacks
Affordable eBooks & Bundles
Special Edition Paperbacks
Foreign Language Editions
Audio Books,

I will be at liberty to offer unbeatable promotions through my Once Upon a Time Book Club...  

25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION of THE LAST VALENTINE begins with a $.99 Cent Original eBook with author notes. It appropriately begins VALENTINE'S DAY February 14, 2023
with the GRAND OPENING...  

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