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(This book is in "eBook/ePub" format)


Woven into the classic Christmas and Easter stories, THE CHRIST REPORT is told from the perspective of the world renown New York City radio and television host of Sam Robertson Live, a Roman Centurion, and an Innkeeper from the 1st century AD, Judea.


Vilified for 2000 years as the first mortal to turn away the Christ when the knock came to his Bethlehem Inn, Cleopas the Innkeeper now reaches through time with the aid of a messenger, Roman Centurion Simon Cornelius, the man assigned by Pilate to crucify Jesus of Nazareth. Both must deliver to the world a message meant for the 21st century before it is too late— THE CHRIST REPORT, The Greatest Story Never Told. 

THE CHRIST REPORT: The Greatest Story Never Told (eBook/ePub) Reg. price $9.99

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