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GET ALL FOUR!  A gift box set of 4!  Autographed Special Collection & Original Print Paperbacks remained in Pratt's storage from 2008 until now. Now they can be yours!

These titles were produced by a special agreement with independent publishing imprints to sell in 2008. Personal circumstances (See ABOUT Page) set the author on a delayed course for their release until now.   A collector's printing, there are fewer than 1,000 in stock.  


While Supplies Last: 


These original James Michael Pratt stories -- never before sold in stores nationwide, can be yours for the set of 4 price of $25 (includes shipping and handling) -- a total value of $45 when sold individually! 


Here's What You Get:


THE CHRIST REPORT -  a novel never before sold in stores and my witness of the most important events in world history: the birth, crucifixtion, and resurrection of the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth told from the perspective of a sophisticated New York City talk show host;  who does not know he left the present day during surgery. And the important perspectives of two men from 33 AD; a powerful Roman Centurion and secret follower, and the other the most vilified Inn Keeper of all time, now determined to make amends and clear his name through someone with a powerful enough voice to reach a world audience.  What happens when the three meet and span the bridge of 2000 years in time? It all becomes clear in THE CHRIST REPORT!


AS a MAN THINKETH... In His Heart, is a personal growth and motivational category novel never before promoted or sold in stores or libraries! Featuring the author as the main character and his discoveries in the ghost-like seaside village of Ilfracombe, England – where real author, James Allen (1902) wrote his mega-million bestseller, “As a Man Thinketh.


This ethereal tale of a visit to another time and place is Pratt's tribute to the style of "author as a narrating character" in the beloved fiction of bestseller Og Mandino and his many inspirational titles selling millions of copies worldwide for the past sixty years: including The Greatest Secret & The Christ Commission, and The Greatest Salesman in the World


It is also a partnering with a ghost from the early 1900's for the author.  James Allen and his classic self-improvement book helped change Pratt's life at age 19.  Will you take a chance on ghosts from the past who care enough to return to the present with secrets and message of inspiration just for you?  With this novel comes James Allen's original book As a Man Thinketh, FREE!  While supplies last!


MOM, The Woman Who Made Oatmeal Stick to My Ribs offers 12 humorous and poignant lessons learned by the author from his Mom from the 1950s through her passing in 2008. If faith, good behavior, treating others like you’d like to be treated, and caring with common-sense traditions mean anything today, the values always started with a bowl of oatmeal, but never really end. Thanks MOM!


DAD, The Man Who Lied to Save the Planet He lied to get into the World War Two fight, not to run from it.  12 timeless lessons based on the author’s memories of growing up in Southern California during simpler times and the common-sense truths taught by an ordinary Dad who raised 9 children during the post-World War Two decades. Father really does know best in Pratt's book of enduring values meant for our day.


Set of Four Original Paperbacks Never Before Sold in Stores: 


Just $25.00


Shipping Included! 



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