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PRIVATE SALE -- TICKET HOME This bestselling tale of love and devotion is a mint condition Autographed FIRST PRINTING (2001) of the Bestselling Original Hardcover, TICKET HOME kept in storage for 21 years.  


One of the most beautiful hardcovers ever created by St. Martin's Press, this story of family promises between twin brothers protecting each other in World War Two and the girl they both love, will leave you begging for the film adaptation, written by the screenwriter of  Hallmark Hall of Fame's Classic and Movie of the Week, THE LOST VALENTINE.**


$49.95  Individual Price    Shipping and Handling FREE!


**For a limited time, TICKET HOME in Original 2002 Autographed Hardcover can be yours FREE with the purchase of one of the "EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR'S EDITION" Set of 4 on sale now in the store! But hurry...


ONLY 100 SETS for sale at the low pricing offered @ $99.95 for 4 Bestselling Original Hardcovers!  A Savings of $150.00!o




TICKET HOME Limited Edition Hard Cover—Autographed

  • A National Bestseller with attached screenplay, TICKET HOME, is an epic 80-year journey through a world at war, to peace, then final redemption and forgiveness as twin brothers Norman and Lucian Parker – in love with the same girl Mary Jane – fight to keep promises and a family legacy alive.  Now in the present day, one final promise must be kept by the war's surviving brother to the other at his gravesite.  But which brother is it?  

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