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PRIVATE SALE -- COLLECTOR'S EDITION:  One of the most beautiful hardcovers ever created by St. Martin's Press,  this extraordinary duel-cover embossed original with a transparent vellum dust jacket will be something to cherish for years to come! 


Autographed FIRST PRINTING (2000) of the USA TODAY Bestselling Original Hardcover, THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER owned and kept in storage for 22 YEARS by the author.  Out-of-Print, there are under 200 limited author-owned originals.** 


Priced at $49.00   Shipping and Handling FREE!


**For a limited time, THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER in Original 2000 Autographed Hardcover can be yours FREE with the purchase of one of the "EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR'S EDITION" Set of 4 on sale now in the store! But hurry...


ONLY 100 SETS for sale at the low pricing offered @ $99.95 for 4 Bestselling Original Hardcovers! o





THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER Original Edition Hard Cover—Autographed by Author

  • A USA TODAY and National Bestseller, THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER  was first released in 2,000 in hardcover, then paperback and audiobook. Still being read today, it tells the story of two Irish American lighthouse keepers as they experience loss and love over a 90-year history. Now in the present day, the surviving daughter learns the secrets of reclaiming hope after devastating losses; showing us the values found in living with purpose and love become the light that saves in the end. 

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