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Bestselling Author James Michael Pratt's

“I've read your novels and blogs...I cried, I laughed, I thought, I pondered, I loved more. You are indeed an amazing writer. Thank you so much for sharing with me.” — Patricia Sheranian

Before personal computers and the internet, those of us building an audience for our thoughts and ideas produced physical “newsletters.” 

Handwritten on legal yellow pads and then transferred to typewriter copy, we lovingly delivered messages in postage stamped envelopes and paid for “air time” at local AM and FM radio stations to build our name and brand.

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For thousands of communicators, “Blogs” and “Podcasts” replaced the expense of paying for those mailed newsletters and the weekly “air-time” at a local radio station.  Millions, anywhere in the world with internet connections, now may become an audience member for a show and host.

I’m excited to bring inspirational, informative, and entertaining material to a worldwide audience with Straight From the Heart– a weekly blog and podcast show dedicated to those seeking an uplifting escape from the negative news filling the airwaves and highspeed cable networks.

Perhaps with God’s help, I may also share some time traveler wisdom granted to me after living more than one half a century upon an ever-changing planet.  


One thing I can promise.  Whatever I share, it will be…



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"Like Peggy Noonan at her best. Should win an award."—James Grisham, ABC Radio

Each week I post Chapters-in-Progress, Audio, and Commentary on writing and life in general to Straight From The Heart.


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