The Good Heart

Hard living and the pressures of a ruthless, Washington D.C. career have finally taken their toll on political strategist Mike Stone. His badly damaged heart has given out on him, and only a desperately needed heart transplant can save his life. Newly in love for the first time, and anxious to make amends for a misspent life, Mike really wants to live. The Problem is, there are those who would just as soon see him dead. At the same time, two brothers, one a United States senator and the other a Christian minister, share the memory of a tragic mistake they made in their youth. If their secret comes to light, it will certainly ruin lives and may even alter the outcome of a presidential race. To complicate matters, one of the brothers carries in his chest a transplanted heart that has brought with it the memories and passion of its original owner-things that might better be forgotten. Set in the fast-paced, power-hungry climate of the nations capital, this gripping new novel combines political and medical intrigue with passion and danger while unraveling the mystery behind a brotherly pact that has lain hidden for forty years.