The Christ Report

A secret kept since the Holy Birth will be revealed when two men, separated by two thousand years in time, search for a meaning greater than themselves. Both suffer from broken hearts, yearn to keep the women they love, and worry about their legacy. One, Sam Robertson, the world-famous host of CNTV’s The Sam Robertson Report, will soon find that only a life-saving miracle can bring him the hope his sense of self-importance cannot offer. The other man, battered by regrets as ancient as the biblical story in which he played a key role, once was an innkeeper – indeed, the very one who had rejected the parents of an infant destined to become immortalized as the Son of God in countless pageants and dramas. Now it’s the innkeeper’s charge to convey a vital message to the world, a message that has been kept hidden for two millennia. The secret he must deliver will need a mortal with influence capable of reaching a worldwide audience; and when that mortal accepts the assignment, the secret will come to be known as The Christ Report.

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